About Us

Resonant Circuit Labs provides an array of technical consulting and contract design engineering with a focus on electronics, embedded systems, machine design, and associated software applications.  Our services allow you to focus on your market and financial goals, instead of the constant acquisition of new technological capabilities.

Our team has completed projects for over 80 clients, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.  These clients cover a wide range of markets and technologies including: Smart Grid, Plasma Power Supplies, Wireless Communications, Telecom, Networking and many more.  More importantly is that, for many clients, our designs have resulted in ground-breaking products and patented technologies.

Additionally, we maintain ties and relationships with Professors and Researchers from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Notre Dame.   This allows us access to a wide variety of technology and resources that can benefit your projects.

Finally, we understand the business needs that drive technology projects.  From our first contact with a client, we strive to understand the underlying business goals driving your technology project.  This allows us to develop a design that not only accomplishes the technical goals, but meets your business goals as well.  This means that we strive to use the simplest and most cost-effective technology that meets your business goals.

The noted author and futurist Arthur C. Clarke is quoted as saying “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.  At Resonant Circuit Labs we bring you “Technology. Sufficiently Advanced”.