Resonant Circuit Labs specializes in designing products, machines, systems, and sub-systems that derive their usefulness from some combination of electronics, mechanics, and physics.  We also offer support services for these sorts of products including regulatory compliance, design management, legacy replacement, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, feasibility studies and R&D.

We can offer integrated Industrial Design services through a number of industry partners, or we can work closely with your own designers for issues like Human-Machine Interfacing (HMI), ergonomics, color selection and graphic design.

One thing that sets us apart from the competition is that we bring a business focus to all of our technical offerings.  We understand that for many clients Intellectual Property development is important to their business strategy, and for many of our clients our designs have resulted in category-creating products and patented technologies.  We are also aware that for some of our clients the product is only one part of the value chain, and that there are non-technical factors that influence the design to meet business goals.

Another difference is our focus on communications with our clients.  During the initial project evaluation, we work closely with clients to understand what communications and project management tools will work best for the project.  Throughout the project execution we place a priority on consistent communication of project status and tracking of outstanding action items.

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