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Custom Multi-Processor DSP System for Telecommunications

Custom Multi-Processor DSP System for Telecommunications

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Resonant Circuit Labs provides access to a full range of embedded systems design capabilities. Whether you need a simple microcontroller design, a custom multi-processor system with Digital Signal Processing, or a system designed with  Commercially available Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components on popular backplanes like VMEbus or PC/104 – your next system is only a phone call away.

One example of previous experience is the attached photo of a system designed by Resonant Circuit Labs engineers.  It features a custom backplane design, 4 high-performance Texas Instruments 64xx Series Digital Signal Processors, USB communications and 24 channels of telecommunications processing capacity.

We can provide experience in a wide variety of processor architectures, Real-Time Operating Systems, and development platforms.  On staff are engineers with direct experience in designing and programming SoC (System on Chip) architectures.