Machine Design

Although sharing many characteristics with Product Design, Machine Design typically has a number of design goals that are different.   Our design team understands that designing machines intended for manufacturing, or other commercial and industrial activities, differs in some significant ways.

Most projects of this type are a key element in the cost drivers of the materials they process. They also frequently have demanding technical requirements that will impact the client’s business costs for long periods of time.  We weigh the interaction of various technical approaches with the business impact of those choices very early in the program, and review those choices throughout the design cycle.

Another aspect of machine design is that it typically calls on a wide set of skills that frequently includes software application development.  We specialize in integrating design disciplines so the personnel who eventually operate and maintain the machine can be maximally productive.

When the design is complete, we are actively involved in the initial installation start-up process to ensure that we can incorporate any lessons learned during this critical phase into any subsequent units.

Call or email us today if you want Machine Design services that include a multidisciplinary design team with support during installation and start-up.