Reverse Engineering

In a perfect world every product or system will always have the documentation required to maintain or modify it.  Too frequently this is not the case. When the time comes to make changes to a product or to maintain a system, for whatever reason, the efforts are blocked by the lack of detailed design documentation.  In these cases, the best way forward is often a Reverse Engineering effort to create or re-create the required documentation.

Additionally, companies can legitimately gain extremely valuable competitive intelligence by Reverse Engineering their competitors publicly available products.  Reverse Engineering in these cases can provide insight into the structure of Cost of Goods Sold and vendor relationships.  It can also give insight into the implementation of patented technologies that allow you to avoid the pitfalls of a patent infringement action.

Resonant Circuit Labs can provide Reverse Engineering services at a variety of levels including, component, circuit, and integrated circuit level.  Call us today to explore how Reverse Engineering can fit into your competitive strategy.