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Research & Development

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Sometimes before starting a design program, there are fundamental questions about whether it is possible to implement certain kinds of functionality.  In these cases, we can structure targeted R&D programs that establish the certainty you need to move forward with the design phase.

Resonant Circuit Labs can provide effective R&D services for projects that have fundamental questions relating to these fields of interest:

  1. Electronics
  2. Electro-mechanical
  3. Electro-optical
  4. Electromagnetic
  5. Electro-Chemical
  6. Physics

To more effectively address R&D projects, we maintain ties and relationships with Professors, Researchers, Doctoral, and Graduate School Alumni at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Notre Dame. This allows us access to a wide variety of technology and resources that can benefit your projects.

By their nature, R&D services are very customized to each client.  Call us today to discuss turning your unknowns into knowledge.